4:44 Album Review

Jay-Z recently dropped his 13th studio album and it’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Using the same tactics as his wife, Jay Z has released his album through various Tidal promotions to drive up sales. In an effort to increase brand awareness and live streaming, Tidal is offering an exclusive service to VIP Footlocker members and current Sprint … Continue reading 4:44 Album Review

More Than a Singer

Rihanna was honored as Harvard University’s “Humanitarian of the Year” Tuesday, February 28th, for her charitable efforts. The Barbadian singer, actress, and philanthropist began helping the less fortunate at age 18 with her Believe Foundation, which supports terminally ill children. "It is for these philanthropic initiatives, and other acts of compassionate sharing, that the students and … Continue reading More Than a Singer

Chance the Giver

Primary education is very important especially when it comes to the development of children that will be the future of this country. A lot of schools especially public schools in bigger cities suffer from underfunding because the state governments feel like the money could be put to use elsewhere. Chance the Rapper, now Grammy winning … Continue reading Chance the Giver