Alton Sterling Case Decision

Last year, a viral video of officers shooting and killing Alton Sterling sparked protest nationwide. Some of the protest became very violent as citizens petitioned for justice. The controversy that had been sparked from the video was focused on if Sterling's rights had been violated or not. In the video, two officers were arguably detaining Sterling beneath a … Continue reading Alton Sterling Case Decision


Ball State's National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) organization had a great Thursday evening. NABJ held a cookout to fundraise for future activities, such as taking trips to networking conventions or funding campus events. Members from the organization pitched in to make this special occasion happen. This event was open to the community and continues … Continue reading NABJ BBQ

5 Tips to Keep Students Interested

David Yancey, an eighth grade teacher in Rockdale County, Georgia has been the topic of discussion on social media because of his successful strategy to make history class more fun for his students. He asked his students what their favorite song was, and they came up with Migo’s “Bad and Boujee”. “My troops are mad … Continue reading 5 Tips to Keep Students Interested